• Lance Lloyd pic for web
    Lance Lloyd

    Lloyd Environmental

    Lance Lloyd is an ecologist investigating and developing environmental flow science for rivers, wetland and estuaries in SE Australia. Lance also undertakes fish and fisheries studies including risk assessments within Australia and the Pacific....Read More>>

  • John Senior pic for web
    John Senior

    Catchment Management Foundation Public Fund Board

    John was the inaugural Secretary of the River Basin Mangement Society and subsequently its President (1994-1997).  Qualifying as a civil engineer in England, he joined the Melbourne & Metropolitan Board of Works and progressed through successor bodies: Melbourne Water and......Read More>>

  • Ross Hardie pic for web
    Ross Hardie

    Alluvium Consulting Australia

    Ross is a co-founder and director of Alluvium Consulting Australia, a past president of the River Basin Management Society, co-founder of the annual Wise Waterways Workshop held annually in North East Victoria and is an inaugural fellow of the Peter......Read More>>

  • Geoff Vietz pic for web
    Geoff Vietz

    President, River Basin Management Society

    Dr Geoff Vietz is a Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne where his focus is on the role of flow manipulation (regulation, urbanisation) on the geomorphology and hydrodynamics of stream systems. He previously spent more than a decade in......Read More>>

  • ian rutherfurd pic for web
    Ian Rutherfurd

    Department of Resource Management and Geography, University of Melbourne

    Ian Rutherfurd is an Associate Professor in the Department of Resource Management and Geography at the University of Melbourne. His research interests include fluvial geomorphology, riparian management, and everything to do with stream management....Read More>>