Donna-Marie Audas

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Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Donna-marie Audas is Manager, Coastal Ecosystems at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), with extensive experience in marine ecology and coastal management, and a passion for encouraging greater appreciation of and care for the natural environment.

Donna has 25 years’ experience in Environmental Management, supported by a background in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) which underpins the coastal ecosystem program at GBRMPA. In over 14 years at GBRMPA, Donna has been instrumental to the Authority’s involvement a range of programs and projects to better understand and educate about the connection between land and sea. Donna believes that managing the environment requires a collaborative, informed and united approach. Stakeholder engagement is vital to the success of environmental management.

Over the past five years, Donna has been managing a project to develop a landscape scale understanding of the Great Barrier Reef catchment and its role in the health and resilience of the Great Barrier Reef. Historically, the Great Barrier Reef catchment has experienced considerable change driven by population growth, and intensive and extensive agricultural expansion, which has resulted in modification and loss to the extent and function of many of these coastal ecosystems.

In collaboration with a broad range of stakeholders, the project has developed tools to identify the areas in the Great Reef catchment most hydrologically connected to the Great Barrier Reef and incorporates an ecological calculator to assess the ecological services and functions provided by coastal ecosystem. These tools are currently being used in the development of Water Quality Improvement Plans in the Great Barrier Reef catchment.

In her spare time Donna loves all activities outdoors, participating in adventurethons, the beach and spending time with her partner and four children.