Workshop Name Developing National Guidlines for Urban Stream Protection and Rehabilitation
Date Tuesday 29th July
Time 2pm - 4pm
Workshop Hosts Geoff Vietz - Melbourne University
Andrew O'Neill - Healthy Waterways, QLD 
Workshop Description

With more than 90% of Australia’s population now living in urban centres there is increasing pressure on urban streams. Protection and rehabilitation of streams draining urban or urbanising catchments is an industry costing $100s of millions in Australia every year, yet, approaches to protection and rehabilitation are often developed in an ad hoc fashion. Approaches vary by State, and often by site, with little basis. This 2 hour workshop aims to use a discussion of State by State approaches to develop a suite of guidelines toward a coordinated approach to urban stream protection and rehabilitation in Australia, and initiate an ongoing working group for those interested. Hosted by Geoff Vietz (Melbourne University) and Andrew O’Neill (Healthy Waterways QLD)

If you have any queries, or to notify us of your interest in giving a five minute presentation on what is happening in your part of Australia, please contact Geoff Vietz (