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Welcome to the 7th Australian Stream Conference

The Australian Stream Conference is an initiative of the River Basin Management. This is the 7th edition of the Conference with the theme ‘Catchment to Coast’.  It is an event where policymakers, practitioners, consultants, and researchers are all committed to managing stream catchment and ecosystems in Australia.

This event is held biannually, once every two years, and it has established itself as one of the best conferences for stream and catchment managers and professionals in Australia. More than 150 delegates attend the event every time, and there many experts and researchers who contributed their works to the event.

Australian Stream Conference is a place where you can share knowledge and ideas while also presenting research that shows evidence of better practice. It is an avenue where new approaches to stream management are discussed, and attendees will meet experts in all fields related to stream management. You get the opportunity to listen to these experts, exchange ideas with them, and even collaborate with those who have a research outlook similar to yours.


It is an educational event and much more because you also get to network and make valuable connections that will better your career in the nearest future.  Attendees at the event discuss the challenges they face in stream management and propose solutions to it. With the wealth of experience and expertise at this event, it is very easy to deliberate on the way forward.

The Conference is a must-attend event with an immersive experience for everyone.  It is an opportunity for you to learn about integrated and in-stream catchment management. The 7th Edition held in Rydges, Townsville, and the proximity of this place to the Great Barrier Reef is what led to the theme. It was held between 27 to 30 July 2014, and it provided an opportunity for attendees to discuss long term experience and recent development in stream management. This covers the role of physical interventions and management, environmental flows, catchment, and riparian management, drought and flood recovery policy, monitoring and evaluation programs, and community expectations from stream systems.

Attendees include academics, policy analysts, practitioners, and professionals who can also submit papers for the event.


The schedule of programs for this Conference is very detailed and shows the commitment of the organisers to making sure that attendees get value for all the time and efforts they put into being part of the event. From academic presentations to social functions, the event has it all.

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Social Functions

This event is not all about academics and workshops. It is also an opportunity to unwind and have fun, and that is why there are social functions as part of the program.

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There are intensive workshops as part of the Conference. If you are looking to gain new insights and acquire new knowledge, this is definitely an event to attend.

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Field Trips

You won’t be indoors throughout the event. There are field trips that allow you to see the town too.

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