Explore the outdoor sites

A trip to the coastal towns of Queensland will not be complete without a field trip to explore the various sites available in the town. These field trips are not just for sightseeing, but also serve educational purposes as all the sites that attendees will visit have something to do with stream management. These trips are eye-opening experiences that no attendee at the Conference should miss for anything. There are different field trips available, and the attendees can decide on which one to go.

Magnetic Island Eco-catchment and Tropical Island Stream and Wetlands Management Tour

This tour is led by staff from Townsville City Council (TCC) – Integrated Sustainability Services Department with expertise and applied tropical catchment management engaged in active management of tropical streams and rivers in urban and rural environments.

The meeting point is SeaLink Ferry Terminal on passenger ferry for a 25 min ferry ride across Cleveland Bay enjoying the view and learning about our Creek to Coral Catchment program and Townsville Water Quality Improvement Plan (TWQIP). This field trip is only open to 15 people.

On arriving at the island, there will be a quick three hours learnscape tour of Council and community-based stream, waterways and wetlands management from Nelly Bay (Gustav Creek and Habitat Interpretative Facility) to Alma Bay and Horseshoe Bay Wetlands (freshwater, saline and marine).

On departing Magnetic Island, attendees would have learnt about the management of coastal streams, harbour and catchment management in tropical islands with urbanisation, fringing coral reefs and being part of internationally listed World Heritage as an island of Great Barrier Reef and suburbs of Townsville.

Management challenges facing a high value riverine and wetland conservation corridor on a floodplain intensively developed for irrigated agriculture

The Burdekin – Haughton Water Supply Scheme (BHWSS) is one of Australia’s younger major (~50 000 ha) irrigation developments completed in the late 1990s. The BHWSS is located in the Barratta Creek catchment which is renowned for its outstanding wetland values including three wetlands listed in the Directory of Nationally Important Wetlands in Australia (DIWA), and the Ramsar listed Cape Bowling Green Bay Coastal Wetland Aggregation. The tour will visit a selection of riverine and wetland sites within the Barratta Creek catchment to highlight the outstanding ecological values of the system and the range of environmental management issues that have emerged since scheme inception and some of the management responses that have been implemented by local stakeholders.

Assessment, design and construction of fish passage requirements in North Queensland

The tour will depart the Conference venue and visit four sites to view alternate forms of constructed fish passage within the Burdekin area (including University Creek).

The tour will explore fish species and their life cycle in north Queensland.  We will meet with fish ecologists and engineers involved in the North Queensland Dry Tropics Fish Passage Project to discuss challenges impacting on the analysis, design and construction of fish passage in the region.