The outline of programs for the Conference

The schedule of programs for this Conference is very detailed and shows the commitment of the organisers to making sure that attendees get value for all the time and efforts they put into being part of the event. From academic presentations to social functions, the event has it all. The programs for the event are as follows.

Sunday 27 July 2014

Registration – the venue for this is Rydges Foyer.

Welcome Drinks – the venue for this is Townsville Aquarium.

Monday 28 July 2014

This is the day the event starts officially, and here are the programs.

Registration – the venue for this is Rydges Foyer.

Opening Ceremony – this also includes Welcome to Country, Welcome to Townsville, and Keynote Speeches. The venue for the program is Raffles, and the keynote speakers are Donna-Marie Audas and Bob Katter.

CI Habitat and Flows

The venue for this is Raffles, and there are five presentations.

Nick Marsh presents a paper tilted Big data concepts for natural resource management.

Andrew O’Neill presents a paper titled Water(way) sensitive urban design – a model for reef protection and Community wellbeing.

Jason Lange presents a paper titled Turf selection will save you more than just 13 Sundays per year.

Siwan Lovett presents a paper titled Getting ‘Interested’ to share knowledge and bring back native fish.

Steve Burgess presents a paper titled Frogs – weapons of mass reconstruction in the Mary river catchment.

C2 Environmental Water and Works and Measures

The venue for this is Kingston, and there are five presentations.

  1. Harriet Moore presents a paper titled The Problem Of River Restoration Persistence.
  2. Christine Lauchlan Arrowsmith presents a paper titled Salinity, Water Level, And Flow Considerations For Assessing Environmental Water Requirements Of The Lower Latrobe River.
  3. Iwona Conlan presents a paper titled Linking Science And Resource Management: Implementing An Adaptive Management Framework With The Use Of Environmental Water.
  4. Ivars Reinfelds presents a paper titled Natural Flow Scaling: A Paradigm Shift In Environmental Flow Development For Rivers Subject To Large Inter-Basin Water Transfer.
  5. Anna Zsoldos presents a paper titled The Waterways Health Investment Planning (WHIP) System.

C3 Monitoring and Evaluation

The Venue for this is Savoy

Fiona Dyer presents a paper titled Waterwatch data quality: an opportunity to augment professionally collected data sets.

Ian Wright presents a paper titled Water quality and ecological impacts of treated sewage effluent on peri-urban streams.

Leigh Stitz presents a paper titled Adopting and adapting macroinvertebrate measures for health assessments of ephemeral freshwater systems: A review.

Mick Smith presents a paper titled Developing a results-based monitoring and evaluation program for southeast Queensland’s waterways.

Apart from these, there are 21 other mini-conferences with between four to five presentations in them. There are social events and breaks in between these programs, which allows people to unwind and network. The program ends on Wednesday July 30 2014.