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Unwind and have fun at the Conference

This event is not all about academics and workshops. It is also an opportunity to unwind and have fun, and that is why there are social functions as part of the program. As an academic, practitioner, or professional, conferences are a core part of your career. But there is more to conferences than just getting your paper accepted and presenting a speech. It is an opportunity to network and have fun.  The 7th Australian Stream Conference also incorporates different social functions, all of which will ensure that you have a great time. Two of the social functions stand out. They are:

Welcome Drinks

This will happen at the Reef Aquarium, and it is the first function of the event, giving attendees the opportunity to link up and introduce themselves to one another before the actual event happens. The Reef HQ Aquarium is the perfect place for welcoming all the guests to the Conference. It is the largest living coral reef aquarium in the whole world, and luckily, it is located right in the city where the Conference is held. Here, you will have a 2.5 million litre exhibit of the coral reef as your backdrop while you enjoy your drinks.

This coral reef aquarium contains 120 fish species and 130 coral species as well as hundreds of other species of sea stars, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, feather stars, worms, brittle stars, sponges, snails, and lots more. The Aquarium also has a predator exhibit, café and gift shop, interactive kiosks, and lots more.

The water motion in the exhibit is created with a pneumatic wave machine, and the Aquarium is open to weather which means it gets moon and sunlight as well as rainfall like the natural reefs. The Predator exhibit is also part of the Aquarium and right opposite the coral reef exhibit. It is the place where you will find large predatory species on display, and this includes blacktip reef sharks, leopard shark, and potato cod. The backdrop here looks like a shipwreck, and many people believe it is the replica of the SS Yongala which is lying submerged off her coast of Townsville.

The Aquarium is an opportunity for you to see the amazing world of marine creatures. The scenes at the Aquarium are very dynamic, and you will get to see what makes the Great Barrier Reef special here.

The tickets to this function are already part of your registration fee.

Conference Dinner

The venue for this event is Townsville Brewery. This building is one of the oldest in the town with more than one hundred years of existence. It started as the town Post office and was the military communication headquarters during the second world war. Today, it is the town brewery, restaurant and event centre. You can get tickets for this event during registration.