Be Part of the Organising Committees

Australian Stream Management is a not-for-profit event, and it needs the help and support from you.  There are several ways for individuals to get involved, and you just have to find the one that works for you. The Conference convened the Catchments Australia Foundation in association with the River Basin Management Society. The Conference will provide the opportunity to have discussions on the long term and recent developments in stream management, including catchment and riparian management, the role of physical interventions and management, environmental flows, drought and flood recovery policy, monitoring and evaluation programs, and community expectations from stream systems.

Whether you are an organisation or individual, stream management affects you directly or indirectly, and this is why you should get involved in the efforts to ensure better management stream and catchment. There are various opportunities for you to support the event either individually or an organisation.

You can volunteer to work on different committees for the Conference. Australian Stream Management Conference is a labour intensive enterprise that requires all hands on deck for the success of any of our events. This is why we encourage individuals to volunteer in the planning committees that will ensure that the event is a success. Many committees are handling different parts of the events such as the accommodation, venues, tours, feeding, logistics, among many others. You can join any of these committees to contribute your quota to the success of a program that will educate many people on current issues as stream and catchment management in Australia.

You don’t need to have any special skill to volunteer, as long as you have the passion for better handling of coastal matters in our community, you are good to go. We will find you the right volunteer role based on your skills, and you can be sure that you will be in the committee where you can function most efficiently.

Of course, there are perks associated with volunteering in a committee for the Conference and part of such bonuses is subsidised fees on different aspects of the Conference. Beyond that, you will also get the satisfaction of knowing you are doing something that matters and will gain experience in the committee that you are. By the end of the Conference, you will definitely be a better planner who understands what it means to organise an event, and you can replicate the experience in organising a local coastal conference or program in your community. It is definitely a win-win for you on every front because you will also get the recognition for your service. We value our volunteers and make sure we celebrate their sacrifices.

Through volunteering, you will build new relationships and also strengthen the ones you have.